Van Compact V540G

Layout of the V540G


It may be Pilote’s shortest van (5.41m), but its reduced length was obtained without a single sacrifice. With a weight of 3.5 tonnes and a 120 hp engine, this is the ideal model for use on any terrain, in both town and country.


This 5.41m van has a large dining area where four people can be comfortably seated, thanks to the extending table and the deep back of the bench seat. USB ports are easily accessible to allow you to charge your electronic devices.
The table is fitted on sliding rails to allow more space on other side. It can also be set up outside when you want to dine in the sun.


The kitchen area is equipped with a combined sink and two-ring hob with piezo ignition, which can be expanded using a retractable extension. Three drawers (with dampers) and an overhead unit give you plenty of room to store your kitchen equipment.

your fridge



  • Large volume and less crowding.
  • Built-in freezer.
  • Airlock closing system.
  • Positive door closure.
  • “Vent position” system to keep the door partially open and avoid unpleasant odours during winterisation.

Bathroom and WC

The V540G’s transverse bathroom provides a comfortable, floor-level shower area. Numerous storage spaces are included in the collapsible sink and central mirror.


The V540G, as its name indicates, is fitted with a garage bed with a comfortable Bultex mattress and slatted bed frame. The maximum dimensions of the bed are 135 x 194 cm. Numerous overhead lockers are positioned on either side of the bed, containing USB ports. As an optional extra, you can add a larger bedroom cupboard.
Under the bed, a wide storage area can be used to hold everything you need and gain easy access to the gas compartment and fresh water tank.

Technical informations

5.41 m
2.05 m
Seated places
Sleeping places
2+2 optional
Eating places
800 kg
MTPLM (Gross Weight)
3500 kg
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Ergonomie und Volumen
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