The Premium finish of Vans Pilote gives each model a very contemporary look. Inspired by the codes of classic home interior design, the Premium Pilote finish has a slightly industrial style, brought by the graphite colour. The lines of the furniture are very clean and the white colour brings a beautiful luminosity.

In each model, you will find a pretty duck blue. A touch that gives character and pep to the interior decoration.


  • ISOFIX attachment on the rear bench seat (not available for 600J).
  • 70 cm step, taking up almost the entire opening of the sliding door.


  • Comfortable car-quality upholstery, fabric and imitation leather covering (grey or black) (not available for 600J).
  • Graphite laminate elements.
  • Fabric roof for acoustic comfort, with LED backlighting.
  • High quality kitchen drawers.
  • Open cabin for a very pleasant lounge area.


  • Compartments underneath the overhead locker in the bedroom, offering additional storage space.
  • Overhead locker in the bedroom.

Always more light :

  • Aluminium trim and reading lights in the cabin.
  • LED lighting in the cargo area.

Travel in style with the Premium finish of Vans Pilote.


The V630G in PREMIUM finish

Discover the V630G model with the Premium finish and its kitchen with very contemporary lines and neat finishes. The worktop hides the hob and the sink and offers an extra wide worktop.

The V600J in PREMIUM finish

Discover the V600J2 model with the Premium finish. The duck blue touch in the dinette area creates a very intense interior atmosphere.