X-Edition Special Edition: Over-equipped from £71 500*!

In order to offer you fully equipped, comfortable and perfectly optimised vehicles, Pilote has been inspired by the options most appreciated by our passionate travellers. All you have to do is enjoy.

From £71 500*: a selection of the most popular vans, with lengths of 5.41m, 5.99m and 6.36m, 3 layouts that are sure to meet your needs and allow you to travel with all the equipment you need.

Available on Fiat and Citroën chassis.


X-EDITION Special Series:
a serene choice!

We know that it's not always easy to choose your first van from a plethora of options. That's why the X-Edition brings together the most popular options that we consider indispensable.


With the Pilote X-Edition vans, give yourself the freedom to choose the layout that suits your needs. We have selected the best options to ensure that your weekend or holiday trips will always be a success: 16" aluminium wheels, 140hp engine, open cabin offering more comfort in the living room, shower in the hold with hot and cold water mixer tap. Four packs are also available for the X Edition, including the 8" media pack with its apple car and the energy pack with its second auxiliary battery.

Arnaud sautant du fourgon Pilote V600G

Discover the interior equipment

The open cab makes it easy to move around and provides great interior comfort.

16” aluminum wheel rims, a 140hp engine and a 90L diesel tank. We know how important it is to have a certain level of comfort on the road.

Shower with hot/cold water mixer installed in the bunker allows for outdoor use.

Pioneer DAB car radio with 8" screen and bluetooth function.

A 120w extra-flat solar panel and a second AGM auxiliary battery provide the advantage of increased autonomy and easy access to new landscapes.

The cranked awning allows you to enjoy the outdoors on any occasion. To protect you from the sun or the rain.

Grating in the shower room keeps feet dry.

Large hold drawer gives the advantage of compartmentalized storage and a step for easy access to the bed.

The interior luxury pack with steering wheel controls, chrome meter, leather steering wheel and gear knob, aluminium dashboard finish.